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A New Pathway for N-Acetylglucosamine Production: Coupling a Catabolic Enzyme, Glucosamine-6-P Deaminase, with a Biosynthetic Enzyme, Glucosamine-6-P N-Acetyltransferase.

Author: Ming-de Deng, Ph.D. (info@biotechresources.com)
Presented at Metabolic Engineering V; September 20-23, 2004; Lake Tahoe, California USA
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Table of Contents

Abstract, page 1

Figure 1. Metabolic Engineering for N-Acetylglucosamine Production in E. coli, page 2

Table 1. Expression of Different Recombinant Glucosamine Synthase Genes in E. coli, page 3

Figure 2. GlcN Production by Over-Expressing GlmS Enzymes Resistant to Product Inhibition, page 4

Table 2. GlcNAc Production by Over-Expressing Glucosamine Synthase and Glucosamine-N-Acetyltransferase (GNA1), page 5

Figure 3. Lactose-Induced GlcNAc Production, page 6

Figure 4. Construction of nagB Over-Expression E. coli Strains, page 7

Figure 5. Suppression of GlcN Auxotrophy in glmS Mutants by nagB Over-Expression, page 8

Table 3. Production of GlcNAc by Over-Expressing both nagB and GNA1 Genes, page 9

Table 4. In Vitro Synthesis of GlcN and GlcNAc, page 10

Conclusions, page 11



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