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Figure 5
Suppression of GlcN Auxotrophy in glmS Mutants
by nagB Over-Expression

Strain Construction

Strains were grown at 37°C overnight in LB broth (control), LB supplemented with GlcN-HCl (45 mM), LB supplemented with GlcNAc (45 mM), or LB supplemented with NH4Cl (10 mM) and IPTG (0.2 mM). glmS deletion mutants were GlcN auxotrophs. GlcNAc could not suppress GlcN auxotrophy due to the deletion or mutation of genes encoding for GlcNAc transporter (nagE), mannose transporter (manXYZ) and GlcNAc-6-phosphate deacetylase (nagA).