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Biotech Services You Can Rely On

For more than four decades, BTR has offered biotechnology services that have helped our clients transform ideas into reality. Serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, and food and feed industries, our customers include global leaders, as well as small companies and startups. Our technical expertise, technology transfer skills, and network of customer relationships have led to many successful alliances. We tailor our services to your specific needs, becoming the part of your research team that helps you develop your concepts and ideas efficiently and effectively. Our commitment to this customer service philosophy, combined with our technical expertise, make us the partner of choice for your biotechnology development needs.

Employee Using HPLC

Strain Improvement

Using classical and/or recombinant strain improvement techniques, we genetically manipulate microorganisms to enhance their ability to synthesize a specific product or perform a specific function. Classical strain improvement methods include enrichment, random mutation by irradiation or chemical mutagens, random screening, rational selection (use of structural analogs and inhibitors), use of indicator media, specific genetic blockage of metabolic pathways, and generation of auxotrophic, catabolite repression resistant or constitutive mutants.

Besides classical strain improvement, BTR's scientists are experienced at using recombinant DNA technology for the genetic manipulation of microorganisms and are fully equipped to handle projects involving molecular biological techniques. Recombinant techniques that can be integrated with our strain improvement, process development, and scale-up services include gene amplification, gene knockouts, library preparation, and gene expression optimization in bacterial and yeast systems. For more information, see Strain Improvement.

Bank of 1-Liter Fermentors

Process Development

Our scientists and engineers apply their expertise to your project in our 15,000 square-foot laboratory and pilot operations facility, which house more than 60 fermentors. We evaluate technical and economic goals so that we can recommend a process development strategy with acceptable risk. We also conduct statistically designed experiments that will economically and systematically advance your project. The breadth of our experience, our total focus on your goals, and our dedication to teamwork leads to rapid product commercialization. See Process Development for more information.


Bacteriophage Control

Contamination of industrial processes by bacteriophage can lead to costly interruption of production. As part of its industrial focus, BTR generates phage-resistant production strains by challenging your production strain with phage from environmental samples and culture collections that have been identified as being infective with the production strain. Multiple-resistant strains are generated during the project that can be substituted in the commercial fermentation facility if a problem with phage infection is detected.

Protein Gel

Protein Expression

The application of modern molecular genetic techniques has revolutionized our ability to engineer microorganisms for the production of commercially-important compounds, such as proteins and enzymes. BTR assembles a multidisciplinary team to successfully develop scalable processes tailored to meet our clients' applications. See Protein Expression for more information.

Working in Anaerobic Chamber

Microbial Screening

BTR can identify microorganisms with a specific desired characteristic, such as an unique enzyme activity or the ability to synthesize a specific product. BTR has conducted many successful microbial screening programs. In some of these programs, the sources of microorganisms were commercial or proprietary BTR culture collections. In other programs, the microorganisms of interest were isolated from environmental samples.



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