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BTR Handouts

Introductions to Advanced Recombinant Technologies and Services

Our staff is capable of applying advanced recombinant technologies to meet the needs of your R&D projects. The following PowerPoint presentations provide introductions to several powerful technologies in our tool box:​

  1. BTR non-proprietary multiple host systems for protein expression (pdf)
  2. Adaptive Evolution (pdf)
  3. Directed Evolution (pdf)
  4. CRISPR-Cas (pdf)
  5. BTR Trichoderma Protein Production System (pdf)​​​​

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    R&D Project Examples

    Highlighted below are examples of our numerous successful projects in research and development. Several selected projects are showcased in PowerPoint slideshows in pdf format. The vast majority of R&D programs performed by BTR have been confidential/proprietary efforts for clients; most of these cannot be summarized or detailed here. The intellectual property and/or trade secrets of new and existing technologies are invaluable to the success of our clients. BTR adheres stringently to Non-Disclosure Agreements that BTR enters with its clients. The examples provided at our web site are either BTR’s internal R&D programs or clients’ programs for which BTR has been given permission to publicize or only non-confidential general information is disclosed.

    1. Strain development examples (pdf)
    2. Fermentation process development examples (pdf)
    3. Integrated strain and process development examples (pdf)
    4. Protein expression examples (pdf)
    5. Protein purification and characterization examples (pdf)
    6. Downstream processing examples (pdf)
    7. Analytical and biochemical method development examples (pdf)

    R&D Project Showcases