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Bio-Technical Resources

Protein Expression

Microbial Biotechnology Research & Development Services

Professional Team

Over 60 years of experience providing services to rapidly develop strains and robust commercial processes.

Research & Development

Independent or integrated strain and process development, fermentation, and analytical & biochemistry support.

Scale Up

Scale-up fermentation and downstream processes for technology transfer to commercial production facilities.

Microbial Biotechnology Services Delivered

Develop strains and fermentation processes from scratch or to improve current systems in a cost-effective way for our clients.

Explore Our Services

Protein Expression

Multiple expression hosts available, protein purification, and analysis.

Fermentation Development

Process development, optimization, scale-up, and demonstration & small scale productions.

Strain Development

Classical mutagenesis, recombinant technologies, screening, and selection.

Downstream Processing

Recovery and purification of fermentation biomass and products.


Biochemistry support and method development.

We Utilize the Latest Technology & Processes

Our staff is capable of applying advanced recombinant technologies to meet the needs of your R&D projects.


Implementing processes with the right equipment to streamline.

Research & Development Capabilities

Multidisciplinary scientists, proven record of serving different biotech industry sectors

Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology – Annual Meeting

SIMB Annual Meeting

August 4-7, 2024
Sheraton Boston Hotel
Boston, MA