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As a viable production technology, fermentation processes have to be complemented with cost-effective and robust downstream processes. BTR has equipment matching our 1-L to 250-L fermentor scales, and the expertise, to develop, test and validate methods for product recovery, concentration and/or purification. Fermentations at the 60- and 250-L fermentor scales allows for the production, recovery and purification of sample products for clients’ various purposes. The products can be biomass, chemicals, partially or highly purified protein, or other bioproducts.

Our protein purification scale ranges from milligrams to grams, depending on clients’ needs.

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For the production of your protein of interest, Bio-Technical Resources provides services from vector construction to protein expression and the development of a high-performance fermentation process.

Bio-Technical Resources also provides recovery services including purification method development and preparation of purified protein at milligram to gram levels for your needs such as functional validation and trials.

Purification of cytoplasmic or secreted protein typically involves a few steps. The overall purification strategy largely depends on the characteristics of your protein of interest. This is where in-depth knowledge and real case experiences of our scientists are extremely valuable. Our purification approach focuses on logically combining steps to achieve high purity at low cost. The protein would be initially fractionated using different extraction-partition approaches (such as ammonium sulfate precipitation), and subsequently purified by the use of different chromatographic procedures (such as ion-exchange, hydrophobic interaction, affinity, and size exclusion chromatography).

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