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Integrated Strain & Process Development Services

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BTR has the experience to provide strain or process development services that meet your needs. Should you need both services, combining classical and/or recombinant strain improvement with a solid fermentation development program is the fastest, most cost effective way to develop an economical commercial process. BTR has proven this approach with a record of over 55 years of commercial R&D success producing biomass, antibiotics, chemicals, enzymes/proteins, and a variety of other products.

To successfully develop a robust commercial process, often both the strain and the fermentation process have to be optimized. Integrated strain and process development approach allows for the most dynamic, efficient and data-based design and testing of strains and process. With a starting strain in hand, process development may start with a natural strain, a strain improved by classical mutagenesis, or a strain constructed using molecular techniques for enhanced performance. Fermentation process development often reveals bottlenecks limiting product generation that require alteration of the fermentation process or additional rounds of classical strain improvement and/or strain engineering of metabolic pathways or other targets. Please see PowerPoint presentation Integrated strain and process development examples (pdf) as well as BTR handout Success through an Integrated Approach (pdf).