Protein Expression in Pichia pastoris

Yeast is capable of performing higher eukaryotic protein modifications, such as glycosylation, disulphide bond formation and proteolytic processing. The methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastoris, currently reclassified as Komagataella pastoris, has become a substantial workhorse for biotechnology, especially for heterologous protein production. GRAS status has been established for several protein products made in Pichia for food and biopharmaceutical applications. Production of intracellular protein at over 20 g per liter of fermentation broth at high cell density of 100 g/L biomass has been reported. Pichia is best known for its great capacity to produce secreted protein. Various vectors, promoters and secretion signal peptides are available to optimize production of your target protein. Microtiter plate platforms have been developed to screen large numbers of clones for the best expression variants.

Information on protein expression in other hosts can be found in PowerPoint slideshows BTR multiple host systems for protein expression (pdf) and Protein expression examples (pdf).